5 Ways to Improve Your Cover Letter Introduction

Creating a proper introduction is perhaps the most important part of writing a cover letter because it introduces hiring managers to you and helps them decide whether they want to know more about you. There are often a lot of mistakes made when writing cover letter introductions. To help you avoid them, let’s look at what some are and how you can make the changes necessary to improve your cover letter.

Avoid Starting with “Hi,”

Starting your cover letter with “Hi,” shows the hiring manager that you have no idea who to address within the company. Instead, find out who is hiring or conducting interviews for the position then start your letter with “Dear (insert name),” to show you want to directly address the person you hope will hire you. If you research and still don’t know who to address, try “Dear Hiring Manager,” as a backup option.

Sidestep the Blanket Opening Statement

Writing an opening like “I want to express my interest in applying for your Communications/Public Relations position” expresses the obvious to a hiring manager and is a statement made by dozens of candidates.

A great way to sidestep the blanket opening statement is by diving in and talking about who you are as a candidate and why you’re qualified for the position. It sets you apart as a candidate, which does wonders for personal branding.

Try Not to Make Your First Sentence Too Long

Hiring managers read cover letters and resumes all day. They’ve seen it all and can become bored quite easily with long, run-on sentences. So if you make your first sentence the length of a paragraph, you’re sure to lose the hiring manager’s interest and decrease your chances of having the rest of the document read.

Don’t Start With a Narrative

You may feel that your professional history is so compelling that it deserves a narrative, but that’s best saved for your autobiography, not a cover letter introduction. If you start the letter with “Beginning in 1995 with (insert company name), I always knew I wanted to excel in public relations,” you may receive an email from the company that begins with the current date and ends with “we’ve found another candidate who is more qualified.”

Proofread Your Document (Especially the First Sentence)

There’s nothing worse than reading misspelled werds in a profesional documint, right? (See, it’s not too fun, is it?). So be sure to thoroughly check for typos, grammar issues and misspelled words. This way, your resume won’t be tossed in the trash over avoidable mistakes.

Cover letters open a window into your professional background and give you the opportunity to add the depth you can’t provide in a resume. So handle your introduction with care to ensure all hiring managers who read your letter will want to learn more about you.

Beat The Holiday Boredom And Earn Your Profesional Development Units

If you are one of those Project Managers who are really hard to keep entertained, or if you constantly need to learn something new even during your holidays or vacations, make sure you plan ahead so you won’t have to deal with holiday boredom. Holidays or vacations can be depressing at times if you have not planned for some fun activity. When you feel bored at the end of a fun day at the ski resort or on the beach, and you need something to fill your spare time with, you need to think about bringing along a small laptop with internet or WiFi connection, and you need to think about earning your Professional Development Units (PDU).

The Professional Development Unit (PDU) is the measuring unit used by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to quantify approved learning activities for PMI Credential holders such as Project Management Professionals (PMP®). Typically, one PDU is earned for every one hour spent in a planned, structured learning experience.

With the growth of wireless technologies, laptop wireless Internet access is becoming readily available in many locations. The good news is that all major cell phone carriers in the US/Canada/Europe make it relatively easy to connect, and regardless of which carrier you use, the connection process is very similar. Connection speeds will be fastest in areas where digital coverage is available. When WiFi is available, it is definitely one of the best and fastest ways to connect to the Internet while on vacation. Some carriers also offer mobile WiFi HotSpots which you can use for sharing internet connection between several computers and other devices. Any connected device can enjoy 3G connectivity at just the touch of a button. These mobile hotspots fit in the palm of your hand and wirelessly connect up to 5 devices including laptops. They are ideal for temporary work sites or standalone kiosks where Internet service is needed and a power outlet is not available. Some features include:

– Connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, tablets, wireless projectors and more simultaneously

– Share files easily with on-device expandable memory storage

– Safeguard your privacy with customizable password protection and wireless encryption

– Rechargeable battery up to 4 hours battery life on a single charge

– No software installation required – just press the power button to create your Wi-Fi hotspot

– Carry anywhere – barely larger than a deck of cards

– Enjoy download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps

Most Project Management Professionals (PMP®) or other PMI Credential holders (PgMP®, PMI-RMP®, PMI-SP®) find it a real challenge to earn their Professional Development Units (PDUs) required every few years. In fact, a large majority falls further and further behind obtaining their required Professional Development Units (PDUs) for maintaining their hard-earned certifications. Lack of time is the biggest culprit, lack of planning and discipline another. But the biggest issue is that most people have no idea about the available options at reasonable prices. Most professionals don’t know that earning PDUs can be accomplished after the business hours, from the comfort of their home over the Internet, and at a reasonable cost, sometimes even during your holidays!

Earning PDUs is not necessarily as challenging or daunting as many might think. It is actually quite easy, and it can fit into the regular routine of the career goals that most professionals have. The purpose of PDUs is to keep PMPs engaged and growing professionally. Think about your goals for earning PDUs: If you are a Project Manager you have many responsibilities that require varied skills, much similar to the skills of a Business Manager or a General Manager. In fact, many project managers aspire to become Business Managers or General Managers some day. So, the first step toward incorporating PDUs into the normal course of business is to determine your personal and professional objectives. What is missing from your knowledge base? Are you as comfortable with Accounting, Finance and Six Sigma aspects of your work as you are with the routine Project Management processes? Are you able to follow a high-level conversation with your company’s executives during your quarterly Project Reviews?

The objective of online courses should be to help you prepare for the set of skills that you need during your career. Assess your needs and map them to your personal and career goals, while earning the required PDUs. Online training offers great quality at reasonable prices.

Having a good plan and buying an online video-based training before departure is sure to keep you busy at times, and avoid those ridiculous situations where you get bored on holidays.

Train to Make Others Beautiful

Cosmetology is a career that is in great demand in the fashion industry and even in print media. Now, there are more people who are getting into the hype of making people beautiful because more than a money maker, it will make a good career out of one’s creativity with the use of cosmetic products. Since, there are a lot of competitions emerging out there, it is vital to be different and stand out among the others. It will even help if you have a certificate that will enable you to work anywhere with pride.

In the event that you are still novice in this field, it is essential that you will get educated to be able to acquire the necessary knowledge on its fundamentals and developing your special skills will happen during the process. Regular cosmetology training will improve the talent that is innate in a person. Beauty schools teach their students the arts of cosmetics, hairdressing, skin care and many other personal care profession specialties. Training opportunities as well as comprehensive education are provided to enhance and hone a talent in the field of beauty. These schools will teach the students on how to cut, color and style the hair. There are other trainings that are provided such as giving pedicures and manicures, techniques in facial and skin care, make up application and massage techniques.

You will need to enroll yourself in a reputable beauty school to be able to have the necessary education and training that will make you pass the exams and acquire the lisence to make others beautiful. You have to find the best beauty training schools that will give you a high level training. In choosing the right school, you will have the best chances in succeeding as an image consultant and other related profesional studies associated with beauty and aesthetics.

Cosmetology is definitely an art. The act of making another person beautiful is an art as well. There are only a few people who are given with the natural talent but others can definitely study to be able to acquire the skill. This is not a simple career but this is definitely doable.

How to Use the Facebook Social Networking Site For Professional Networking

Most of the people use Facebook just to keep in touch with their friends or share photos and their feelings. There are very infrequent mentions of any professional gain via Facebook and it is generally referred to as a site for fun and recreation. Up till now perhaps this is a mistake because Facebook has more than 250 million users, further increasing every day. Despite of the fact that more users as compared to other social media networking sites use them, the environment here is not ready to focus on business people. Most of the business owners don’t even have the idea that there are tons of opportunities here that can be used for professional networking.

Facebook is world’s largest social media networking sites and if you can look above linking to fiends and sharing pictures, you will find lots of ways to hit into the professional group of people. Make the features available here that work in favor of professional networking and you can maximize the value by using these features and get connected with other professionals too. Although today personal and professional matters are not separated due to these social media sites and people very casually share their personal stories and pictures with their colleagues.

With Facebook, you can separate private and professional community and this will enable you to take the benefit of social life i.e., with your friends and at the same time you can get connected with your professional social group as well. You simply need to do few easy steps. Here’s how you can do:

– Click the Friends tab that is on the top of your Facebook page and get the list
– Click on the ‘Create a New List’ and type ‘Professional’ there
– Check your entire friend’s list and select those that you want to be in your professional community list
– After this you click on the ‘Settings’ button in the top right corner of your Facebook
– Now click on privacy and then go to profile

Once you have done all this you can make changes in your profile and change the privacy settings, as you want. In fact you can have a complete control on your Facebook and enable your professional friends or private ones to have access to what you want to share with them. Remember, it is your world and only you can decide what and how you like it.

ADD and Organization

Children and adults with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) have a harder time trying to stay organized. They get easily distracted and have problems focusing and ignoring those distractions. Telling a child to “clean up their room” doesn’t really mean anything to a child with ADD. Parents are likely to get frustrated because the child is not “listening” and “doing what they were told”.

The problem is that the parent wasn’t more specific. Instead of saying “clean up your room” the parent needs to say “put away all the toys on the floor” or “put your laundry in the hamper”. Very specific tasks. With short task times.

There are many different theories on what causes ADD. One is that it is caused by “chemicals in the brain which coordinates and regulates function and behavior”. A “deficiency in these neurotransmitters can cause a lack of attention” which in turn can lead to clutter and disorganization.

Some people don’t believe that ADD is a “real physical” problem. They think that the child just doesn’t want to “listen” and do what they are told.

Some people believe that diet plays a major problem in ADD. Because of all of the chemicals in our food today they think that kids have been poisoned and their brain functions have been affected.

It’s not really too far fetched. With the huge “organic” movement people are starting to realize that if mother nature didn’t produce it…. it should not go into our bodies.

Some other reasons that people believe are behind ADD are: drugs, brain injury, genetics, sleep disorder and so on…

Children, especially teenagers have so many “normal teenage issues” and then throw in those “hormones” and it’s not easy to distinguish between “normal” childhood and ADD.

Some people aren’t diagnosed with ADD until they are adults. If a person is extremely intelligent or creative it takes longer to diagnosis ADD.

People with ADD have a short attention span. They are easily distracted and can’t stay focused on a task. They get bored easily and therefore avoid doing “boring thinks” like housework.

In order to make things more interesting a person with ADD might wait until the last minute to get things done and then be in “crisis mode”.

People with ADD also tend to be “impulsive” and sometimes make decisions too quickly, such as getting rid of something and then they “regret” it later. After that they might never make another decision again, which can lead to chronic disorganization, clutter and even hoarding.

A person with ADD gets bogged down with “details” and can’t see the big picture.

A Professional Organizer can help a client with ADD stay focused on a specific task and stay on target. Structure is very important with an ADD client. By helping the client make a plan and having a decision making process in place the ADD client can become organized and learn to function better.